Enter FuckemJoint the ultimate adult social networking community for adult dating, sex personals, sex dates, xxx hookups and more. As an uncensored adults only online dating site we do not have many restrictions but you must be over 18 years of age to join. The positive twist is that our website atmosphere is casual with no limits abounds.

Fuckemjoint.com features advanced technology and communication tools giving it’s members instant access to millions of other members worldwide and hundreds in their local area. Our extensive search criteria helps each individual member find exactly what they are looking for and the site is constantly adding new features. As with any excellent service company we want each member to feel comfortable in a growing dating community, therefore we have incorporated an experienced team that is available 24/7 offering Support, Help and Advice to all it’s members.

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Website features

The Quick Search form is on your home page on the left hand side. You can search by Username, sex, age, country, city or postcode/zipcode and connect with other members in no time.

Advanced Search allows you to specify interests and criteria that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Find someone special from the millions and millions out there.

The Browse page has all the latest updates for New members, Latest matches using the criteria you specified, Online members, and Upcoming Birthdays to give you a chance to be the first to send them your greetings, as well as Featured profiles — people who take fuckemjoint.com seriously.

This category lets members keep everything in one place — those whom you like, do not like and you can also see who looked at your profile and really liked you. Have fun with your friends and keep in touch with the closest ones.

Visitors — members who took an interest and looked into a members full profile. Contact them while they are still fresh on their mind and get to know each other.

Friends — members can add whom they really like into this category and they will receive notification that they have a strong interest in them. Who knows they may like you too.

Blocked — not everyone is the same — useful feature if a member profile becomes too popular and they want to restrict whom they want to talk to.

Webcam Chat
This cool and easy-to-use chat program creates an instant connection between members. Members can see who is on the site now, chat to them, talk to them through their microphone, or turn on their webcam and get even closer and see who is on the other side.

We have created a unique feature “chat later” that allows you to store chat requests in your chat history if you want to concentrate just on browsing the site without being continuously interrupted. You can always see how many people are waiting to chat with you on the main top menu Chat bar.

All communication with other members of the site is stored in the secure internal Mailbox. You can easily see your received, sent and deleted messages or winks. You can also categorize them by member. This can be useful if you have a long communication with a few of your friends at the same time.

The support staff at fuckemjoint.com are always listening to what it’s members have to say. Suggestions and feedback from its members is very much welcome — fuckemjoint.com is always trying to improve it’s adult dating service and help everyone find partners online and of course make it to offline meetings and even more. We have the best facilities to help you succeed and find your perfect encounter online so you can eliminate boredom from your life and succeed in finding your way to have fun. Fuckemjoint.com has plenty of features that allow you to find, chat, flirt and arrange meetings with as many other adults as you please.

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